"If you have changed one life, you have changed a part of the world, and you have proven that there is hope that it can all be changed!"

David considered that one of the greatest dangers facing the young movement was that it could eventually cool down and solidify and become just another denomination, following a rigid doctrine and set procedures. He was determined to avoid that, regularly exhorting his followers to remain flexible and adaptable and willing to embrace change.

David knew that many religious movements lose momentum when their founder dies. He spent much time preparing the Family International for his demise. He made pragmatic preparations to that end by encouraging Family communities to be indigenous. He also spent many years training his wife, Karen Zerby (Maria Fontaine), and other members in all aspects of the movement's administration. He foresaw that Maria would inherit the oversight of the movement.

At his passing in 1994, David Berg left a bold, unconventional concept of Christianity that brought new hope and life to millions and continues to inspire members of the Family International to reach the world with the Gospel.