His Message

During his travels abroad, David realized that God had a new calling for him, of providing written counsel, teaching and guidance to his congregation. For the remainder of his life, David devoted himself to his writing and the leadership of the movement. As the Children of God, and later the Family International, rapidly expanded throughout the world, he remained behind the scenes, teaching, advising, and guiding through his writings.

"When I get into writing my Letters, I feel I've got a personal, intimate, tangible touch with every human heart in our whole Family."

While David instilled in his followers the basic truths of the Christian faith and doctrine, he also advanced some tenets that were by any standards quite shocking, and resulted in controversy, distinctly separating the movement from mainstream Christianity. David later retracted some of his more radical theological speculations and writings, in particular regarding sexuality, and these were removed from circulation in the early 1990s. Any such writings were officially and categorically renounced by the Family International, and have no part in Family doctrines, literature, or beliefs.

In 2010, David Berg's writings underwent a further review process, and many were removed from circulation. Many of these writings were no longer applicable or relevant to the movement, others were more historic in nature, and others were not in alignment with the Family International's Statement of Faith, which defines the tenets of faith of the movement. (For a sampling of David's writings, please see His Message.)