Teachings about the Endtime

David devoted much of his writings to teaching about the future, as foretold in Bible prophecy. He believed that the many Endtime events predicted in the Bible would occur in our lifetime, leading to the imminent end of the world as we presently know it. David felt that it was important for the membership to have a thorough working knowledge of what the Bible says about these events to motivate, guide and encourage them, and to prepare them to teach others. He wrote:

Teachings about Endtime

The understanding of Bible prophecy is preparation for the future, so that you are not caught unawares and you are not surprised or shocked! ... You will have prepared your heart and mind and recognize these events as they come and as they occur, and know what to expect both with them and thereafter, and be prepared accordingly the best you can. [1]

Not only did David write extensively about biblical interpretations of the Endtime, but he felt constrained to warn the public about them. Along with many other Christians, he had very little faith in the ability of man to solve society's problems. He saw the moral decadence and de-Christianization of the Western world, as well as the trend towards globalization as preparation for the coming of a One World Order and a world dictator, known in the Bible as the Antichrist.

David considered the dissemination of this "Endtime message" to be an important part of the Family International's witness. Since the mid-1980s members have distributed millions of publications and colorful posters depicting various aspects of the Endtime, along with explanatory texts.

  1. "Explanation of the Book of the Future," published in 1983.