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  • David Berg - Founder of The Family International (TFI)
    David Brandt Berg (1919-1994) was the iconoclastic founder and spiritual leader of the non-traditional Christian movement known as the Family International (TFI).
  • The Man - Mission - DavidBerg.org
    David Berg's principal legacy lies in the missionary movement that he founded. He is also remembered for his controversial views, expressed in some of the nearly 3,000 "Letters" that he authored over three decades.
  • Flirty Fishing, The History and Theological Premise - Davidberg.org
    In the latter part of the '70s and early '80s, Father David, presented the possibility of initiating a more personal and intimate form of witnessing which became known as "Flirty Fishing", or "FFing."
  • Video Clips - David Berg
    Video Clips of David Brandt Berg
  • Sound Clips Of David Berg - Page 1 - DavidBerg.org
    David Berg Sound Clips These audio samples are taken from a variety of taped exhortations spanning over 25 years, beginning in 1968.
  • The Mo Letters - DavidBerg.org
    David devoted himself to his writing and the leadership of the movement. As a religious leader, he was unique in shunning the spotlight, known only to his followers and the public through his writings. While the Children of God, and later The Family.
  • Photos of David Berg (aka Moses David, founder of The Family and the Children of God)
    Photos of David Berg founder of The Family and the Children of God and photos of David Berg's adopted son, Ricky Rodriguez. David Brandt Berg
  • Flirty Fishing - Mission - DavidBerg.org
    This doctrine became known as "Flirty Fishing," a term that David adapted from Jesus' admonition to His disciples to "follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men" . It was practiced by many Family members until 1987, when it was discontinued.
  • Maria (Karen Zerby) - Mission - DavidBerg.org
    It was at this time that David met the woman who was to become his wife, after the dissolution of his first marriage. Karen Zerby (known by Family members as Maria), was an active Christian in Tucson, Arizona. In January 1969, she encountered a few member
  • Sound Clips Of David Berg - Page 2 - DavidBerg.org
    David Berg Sound Clips These audio samples are taken from a variety of taped exhortations spanning over 25 years, beginning in 1968.
  • Sound Clips Of David Berg - Page 3 - DavidBerg.org
    David Berg Sound Clips These audio samples are taken from a variety of taped exhortations spanning over 25 years, beginning in 1968.
  • Sound Clips Of David Berg - Page 4 - DavidBerg.org
    David Berg Sound Clips These audio samples are taken from a variety of taped exhortations spanning over 25 years, beginning in 1968.
  • Sound Clips Of David Berg - Page 5 - DavidBerg.org
    David Berg Sound Clips These audio samples are taken from a variety of taped exhortations spanning over 25 years, beginning in 1968
  • Sound Clips Of David Berg - Page 6 - DavidBerg.org
    David Berg Sound Clips These audio samples are taken from a variety of taped exhortations spanning over 25 years, beginning in 1968.
  • Sound Clips Of David Berg - Page 7 - DavidBerg.org
    David Berg Sound Clips These audio samples are taken from a variety of taped exhortations spanning over 25 years, beginning in 1968
  • Creating a New Society - Mission - DavidBerg.org
    David and his followers left California in April of 1969, for a brief stay in Tucson, Arizona. From there, they crisscrossed North America on a year-long witnessing trek which attracted much media attention and about 50 new disciples.
  • All Things Change - Mission - DavidBerg.org
    David was a great proponent of change, and change has been a hallmark of the Family International throughout its history. David considered that one of the greatest dangers facing the young movement was that it could eventually cool down
  • An Iconoclastic Revolutionary - Mission - DavidBerg.org
    While David instilled in his followers the basic truths of the Christian faith and doctrine, he also advanced some tenets that were by any standards quite shocking.
  • Consider the Poor - Mission - DavidBerg.org
    David understood that while a Christian's primary obligation is to love God and preach the Gospel, there was also a fundamental duty to materially help the disadvantaged and downtrodden whenever possible.
  • Legacy - Mission - DavidBerg.org
    David considered that one of the greatest dangers facing the young movement was that it could eventually cool down and solidify and become just another denomination, following a rigid doctrine and set procedures. He was determined to avoid that
  • Disenchantment with Organized Religion - Mission - DavidBerg.org
    David's early Christian instruction was based in the churches. Yet as he became more involved in preaching the Gospel, he grew increasingly aware that many churches were not interested in fulfilling the Great Commission that Christ had given His disciples
  • Dreams and Visions - Mission - DavidBerg.org
    David's writings reveal a deep faith in a living, moving and ever-changing God Who wants to communicate with and guide His Children just as clearly and directly today as He did with the first Christians in the Book of Acts. David encouraged his followers
  • His Message - Mission - DavidBerg.org
    During his travels abroad, David realized that God had a new calling for him, of providing written counsel, teaching and guidance to his membership.
  • History - Mission - DavidBerg.org
    David's heritage played a key role in shaping his character and religious convictions. Many of his forefathers, as well as both of his parents, were deeply committed Christians who challenged the status quo of their day.
  • Pioneering in Europe - Mission - DavidBerg.org
    After nearly a year in Texas, David and Maria left for Europe. By this time several Children of God (COG) communities were flourishing in the U.S., and David was already looking for new regions to evangelize.
  • Revolution for Jesus - Mission - DavidBerg.org
    In the mid 1960s, David began traveling with his wife and children, carrying out evangelistic outreach. In early 1968, at the invitation of his elderly mother, David and his family journeyed to Huntington Beach, California
  • Teachings about the Endtime - Mission - DavidBerg.org
    David devoted much of his writings to teaching about the future, as foretold in Bible prophecy. He believed that the many Endtime events predicted in the Bible would occur in our lifetime, leading to the imminent end of the world as we presently know it.
  • The Gospel Message - Mission - DavidBerg.org
    It was David Berg's lifelong belief that once Christians have a personal knowledge of God, their primary responsibility is to dedicate their time, energy and resources to sharing the Gospel with others.
  • The Law of Love and Flirty Fishing - Mission - DavidBerg.org
    A theological cornerstone that David imparted to the Family was the doctrine referred to as the "Law of Love." The Law of Love is the foundation of Christianity, the all-encompassing principle of sacrificial love for God and others by which all Christians
  • The Message of Jeremiah - Mission - DavidBerg.org
    In 1962, while combating a life-threatening illness, David desperately prayed, and asked God if there was a particular message that he was supposed to preach. The Lord indicated that the Bible's book of Jeremiah was to be the message for modern America.
  • The Afterlife - Mission - DavidBerg.org
    It was not only the immediate future that interested David, but also eternity, and more specifically Heaven. In the early 1980s he extensively researched everything the Bible had to say about Heaven, and supervised the creation of a number of colorful, de
  • Seven Ways to Know God's Will - His Message - Davidberg.org
    Every time of testing and trial and sifting is a time of decision! Now how do you make a decision? For a Christian, what is a decision? What are you trying to find? The Will of God! So the question is: How do you find the will of God? The first Scripture
  • A More Sure Word of Prophecy - His Message - DavidBerg.org
    So many people today are worried about the future, wondering what's going to happen. Most of today's youth seem to almost instinctively realize that they are living on borrowed time.
  • All Things Change - His Message - Davidberg.org
    Yesterday, today, forever, Jesus is the same. All things change, but Jesus never, Glory to His name. Changes in man's society always come from the bottom, not the top, because the top does not want to change; it always wants to be on top. But if they try
  • All You Need is Love - Mo Letters - DavidBerg.org
    Our goal is to love God and our neighbour as ourselves, and as a result bring love to the whole world and peace and freedom and plenty for all!
  • Are the Children of God a Sect - Mo Letters - Davidberg.org
    What church did the Children of God split off from? Is a new child a sect? No, he's a totally new birth! An absolutely new creation! Dropped out, yes, but a totally new creation! We are not a sect! We belonged to no religious denomination as a group
  • Attack - His Message - Davidberg.org
    Fear is a very interesting subject. You don't realize so much of it is subconscious until you try to put it in words and try to analyze it.
  • Be so Happy - His Message - Davidberg.org
    We all need a good sense of humour! "A merry heart doeth good like medicine!" God created us with a sense of humour and the ability to laugh at things that are funny. So I'm sure He Himself has a sense of humour, especially when I look at some of the thin
  • Beauty for Ashes - His Message - DavidBerg.org
    In order to bring forth the sweetness, there has to be some suffering. To bring about the beauty of the flame, there must be ashes. Something must go to ashes!
  • Become One - His Message - Davidberg.org
    It is certainly good for our missionaries to learn the languages of the fields in which they minister as best they can, as long as they are able to remain and God leads them to continue their witness in these fields.
  • Choice - His Message - Davidberg.org
    It may surprise you to know that God likes you, His children, to make your own choices within His will. I know you delight yourself in the Lord most of all and want to do His will. But when we do, it is His delight to also give us the desires of our heart
  • Dare to Be Different - His Message - Davidberg.org
    A world-famous dropout named Jesus, while exhorting His disciples to drop out with Him, warned them that they would be as sheep in the midst of wolves (Matthew 10:16).
  • Death in Your Arms - Mo Letters - DavidBerg.org
    I want to tell you about the Sunday morning that a man died in my arms. I was sitting in Cafe de Paris in Puerto when this great big tall fine-looking man, a giant of a man, big, robust, walked into the cafe with his family.
  • Diamonds of Dust - His Message - Davidberg.org
    God put on a light show the other day, and we were there to see it. He said a lot of things, too, and we tried to listen. I’m sure He must have shown it before, but we were all too busy to watch. Watch with us this time—maybe you’ll see even more.
  • Did God Make a Mistake - His Message - Davidberg.org
    Did God make a mistake by putting Adam and Eve in the Garden and they wound up making their own choice, the wrong one (Genesis 3)? Did God have to confess failure by the Flood, in that He had to wipe out mankind for its wickedness (Genesis 6:1–7)?
  • Die Daily - His Message - Davidberg.org
    What do you have a vision for? What do you have faith for? What do you yourself expect God to do this year, not next year? What can you see happening right now and from now on?
  • Faith - Mo Letters - Davidberg.org
    When you ask the Lord for an answer, expect an answer and take the first thing that comes. If you really believe and ask the Lord and want to hear or see, you won't be disappointed! And that thing you see or hear with the eyes or ears of your spirit, that
  • Fear Thout Not - His Message - Davidberg.org
    God’s Word tells us, “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore will not we fear, though the earth be removed, and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea.
  • For God's Sake Follow God - Mo Letters - Davidberg.org
    It just thrills us to see how it's God who is doing all this! No one in particular, no personality cult, no individual who has to be there, but the Lord by the power of His Holy Spirit! So it's thrilling to us how the Lord is working and that God has star
  • From Here to Eternity - His Message - DavidBerg.org
    The Bible and the words of God’s prophets are actually the only real newspapers or news books. Newspapers tell you what happened yesterday, so they’re not really newspapers; they’re history papers!
  • Glamour or Glory - His Message - Davidberg.org
    Musical perfection is mathematical, but musical inspiration is divine. Watch performers, the difference between the truly greats and the mere perfectionists: The major difference is that the perfectionists, those who have great voices, etc.,
  • God's Little Miracles - His Message - Davidberg.org
    The Lord returns and rewards and compensates any sacrifices you make for others in trying to help them. If we are willing to obey and willing to do His will and carry on His work, He never fails.
  • Greater Victories - His Message - DavidBerg.org
    You never have a victory without a battle, and there are some battles you have to fight your whole life until your dying day! But you have to keep getting the victory.
  • I Gotta Split - Mo Letters - Davidberg.org
    Whoever heard of Alexander Selkirk? A poor British sailor marooned on a remote island -- but there he had time to sit down and write of his experiences, which inspired a book which circled the World and which many of you have read -- and in which he lives
  • Let's Talk About Jesus - Mo Letters - Davidberg.org
    Wine is like Jesus! This little bit of spirits is like the Holy Spirit! You get so full of it you don't even worry about yourself any more; you forget yourself and you just are happy in spite of yourself! And all you can think about is you're happy and yo
  • Look of Love - Mo Letters - Davidberg.org
    "Love at first sight" is quite possible, and to respond with love to a loving look is a very normal reaction, as "love begets love." For it is very easy to "fall in love with love." To see love in someone's eyes is a psychological, emotional
  • Love for the Lost - His Message - DavidBerg.org
    From pretty young shop girls and waitresses and secretaries to elderly widows and rich old dowagers; from handsome young clerks, bookkeepers, technicians, white collar workers and engineers to wealthy businessmen, retired widowers, single shopkeepers, and
  • Love Never Fails - His Message - DavidBerg.org
    Remember, love never fails (1 Corinthians 13:8). All the confession sessions in the world are not going to do it. All the introspection, analyzing, and agonizing are merely works of the flesh, which will have to be repeated next week.
  • Makings Through Breakings - His Message - DavidBerg.org
    My mother often used to say, “The Lord had to break my back in order to break my will.” She spent five long years in bed before she finally got the point and yielded her life to the Lord.
  • Morning Prayer - Mo Letters - Davidberg.org
    The picture of the shepherd, on the hillside with his sheep: The shepherd seems to be upset about something. The sheep are bunching up and running around nervously, excitedly and somewhat fearfully back and forth in confusion, as though they're wondering
  • Mountain Men - His Message - Davidberg.org
    Great difference in mountain and multitude. Mountain is opposite of multitude. Jesus left the multitude behind. The mountain peaks are never crowded. I climbed many mountains, and I was almost always alone.
  • My Yoke is Easy - Mo Letters - Davidberg.org
    Leadership is a very great responsibility, a heavy burden and just a plain big job of a lot of hard work, tension, confusion, excitement, concerns and physical, mental and nervous strain which tends to be pretty hard on you. Even the Lord Himself could no
  • New Life, New Love - His Message - DavidBerg.org
    The instantaneous, miraculous, and supernatural change of mind, heart, and life which occurs by the power of God’s Spirit when we receive His Son Jesus into our hearts is so drastic that God’s Word likens it unto spiritual rebirth.
  • Our Anchor Holds - His Message - DavidBerg.org
    It’s good for us to have changes, because it drives us closer to the Lord. I’ve often said that one thing I’ve been thankful for in my life has been constant change.
  • Our Declaration of Love - His Message - DavidBerg.org
    We believe in love: love for God and others, for “God is love” (1 John 4:8). That’s our religion—love! Love is everything, for without love there is nothing—no friends, no families, no fathers or mothers or children or health or happiness or hea
  • Prayer Power - His Message - Davidberg.org
    The Lord really leaves a lot to us and our concern and prayer. If you only cry with half a heart, you only get half an answer. If you cry with your whole heart, you get a wholehearted strong answer.
  • Revolutionary New Life - His Message - DavidBerg.org
    It is a gift of God performed by a miraculous transformation of our lives when we accept His truth in the love of His Son, Jesus, by the work of God’s Spirit. All we have to do is receive Him.
  • Sex Works - Mo Letters - DavidBerg.org
    One of the greatest of healing factors is faith, to know that God loves you and cares for you and is going to take care of you no matter what happens. Faith eliminates one of the greatest causes of disease and ill health, and that's fear and tension.
  • Signs of the Times - His Message - DavidBerg.org
    When Jesus’ disciples went out from Jerusalem to the Mount of Olives and asked Him, “What shall be the sign of Thy coming and of the end of the world?” He didn’t reply with only one sign, but with dozens (Matthew 24:3).
  • So You Want to be a Leader - Mo Letters - Davidberg.org
    Nearly every great building, every great accomplishment, every great war, every great movement took years of planning and laborious engineering. It's the invisible
  • Spiritual Communications - Mo Letters - DavidBerg.org
    God simply says in the Bible that He answers your prayers, because if He had tried to explain prayer scientifically all these years people never would have understood. He answers your prayers, He translates those prayers, He amplifies their power and the
  • Squeeze Don't Jerk - Mo Letters - Davidberg.org
    There is hardly anything that can be enjoyed in a hurry—a glass of wine, a walk, a talk, a ride, a view, a meal, or an embrace. God is hardly ever in a hurry. It takes Him time to make a baby, a flower, a tree, a sunset—or even a blade of grass.
  • Stop Look and Listen - His Message - DavidBerg.org
    The Lord is trying to teach you to make decisions. One of the main principles involved in reaching a decision is: Don’t start talking--pray. God likes you to give Him a little honor. Prayer is not just getting down on your knees and speaking your piece,
  • Temple Time - His Message - Davidberg.org
    Everyone in this big central room under the dome is looking up, as if they expect something. People are rushing around out in the wings, like they’re busy in the service of the King.
  • The Benefits of Backsliding - Mo Letters - DavidBerg.org
    Backsliding is a hard school! Look at Jacob in the school of Laban: Jacob was really crooked until he had to work under someone even more crooked than he was! But it finally broke him, and look what he gained. Before his downfall, he was only "Jacob the D
  • The Holy War - His Message - DavidBerg.org
    We are all in a holy war together. We are fighting together for our faith, truth, and freedom! We are determined that the poor of the world shall be fed, clothed, housed, and be enabled to labor in freedom, peace, health and happiness to obtain their need
  • The Spirit of God - His Message - DavidBerg.org
    Some people experience the baptism of the Holy Spirit at the same time they ask Jesus into their hearts, like the household of Cornelius in the book of Acts.
  • The Wise and Unwise Leader - Mo Letters - Davidberg.org
    A good executive is not a boss! He is a servant! Jesus wasn't just trying to teach His disciples humility when He said, "He who is greatest among you must be servant of all!" A good executive simply is not a dictator!
  • Universal Reconciliation - His Message - Davidberg.org
    This is the age of grace in which God is demonstrating that people really have to make their own decision to love Him and serve Him voluntarily. They have to choose to be righteous, choose the Lord and His way, His Word. The next age, the Millennium, is a
  • Witnessing - His Message - DavidBerg.org
    "Go ye into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature" is not an option. It’s a commandment. The message is clear. There’s no denying it or excusing ourselves.
  • The Best Selling Bible - Video - Davidberg.org
    David Berg explains how the Holy Bible is the best selling book that has outsold any other book.
  • The Ten Commandments and God's Law of love - Video - Davidberg.org
    David Berg explains the Law of Love vs the Ten Commandments
  • The Post-Tribulation Rapture - Video - Davidberg.org
    Will Jesus Christ return before or after the "Great Tribulation"? David Berg answers this question in this video clip.
  • Why Good and Evil - Video - Davidberg.org
    Why does God allow good and evil to exist in the world? Video of David Brandt Berg
  • Site Map - David Berg Memorial
    Site map -- an easy list reference to the rest of our site
  • Born Again! - Mo Letters - DavidBerg.org
    Born Again!
  • Hallelujah for Happiness! - Mo Letters - DavidBerg.org
    In many religions, the sadder you are the more religious you are supposed to be!
  • Healing in His Wings - Mo Letters - DavidBerg.org
    Most people today seem to put the stories of Jesus and His disciples way back in the past. They're looked on as fairy tales. They've no real reality to them. It's all 'way far away
  • Heavenly Communication - His Message - DavidBerg.org
    To cry to the Lord in prayer is something that should come naturally to every truly born-again child of God! God expects each of His children, those who really know Him, to touch Him personally and make direct contact with Him, not just through somebody e
  • It's Free - Mo Letters - DavidBerg.org
    True salvation is just pure faith. It's just believing, and if you get any feeling, it's a result of believing. But you are still saved by the Word and by faith, and not your feeling.
  • Keep On Believing!
    Maria and I were walking along alone hand-in-hand out on a deserted highway through barren desolate semi-desert country, sort of like west Texas and some places in Arizona. We seemed to be somewhat lost and searching for our destination.
  • The Lover of All Lovers - His Message - DavidBerg.org
    He came to earth as a tiny, weak and helpless baby, born to a simple, humble young girl who miraculously conceived the Child, having never slept with any man! In fact, the news of her pregnancy was so shocking that when the man to whom she was engaged to
  • I was studying all those maps and places and things about shipping lines and trailer parks and all kinds of stuff! I worked on it pretty hard all day, hours and hours, and I thought, "Lord, why can't You just show me this in a flash of revelation or somet
  • Run the Race! - Mo Letters - DavidBerg.org
    "Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us."
  • The Word, the Word, the Word! - His Message - DavidBerg.org
    The Word of God is the most powerful truth on earth. Words that contain the very Spirit and life of God Himself (John 4:24). The Word is the spiritual spark of God that ignites us with His life, light, and power.
  • When Morning Dawns - His Message - DavidBerg.org
    Leaving this life is just like going from one room to another and closing the door. It’s passing from the flesh to the spirit, an abandoning of this world and a desire for the other. Everybody does it when they die.
  • Why Do We Dream? - Mo Letters - DavidBerg.org
    I was wondering why I have so many of these odd dreams that I can only vaguely remember and that seem to be virtually meaningless. They're not revelations from God or anything, but they're story dreams